Drop Off Form

  • The veterinary staff of Pets R Us Animal Hospital will take utmost care to avoid any complications during the time in which your pet will be in our care. I understand that animals that require frequent sedation for procedures (such as grooming, bathing, etc.) may be required to have periodic blood screenings to confirm kidney and liver health. I authorize Pets R Us Animal Hospital and its veterinarians to perform the necessary procedures listed below on my pet with the knowledge that I assume full financial responsibility for this animal and understand that additional charges may be incurred in the event of any complications.
  • My signature below authorizes Pets R Us Animal Hospital to perform the necessary treatments on my pet for the reason(s) indicated above. I understand that any additional services I may have selected will also be performed, if my pet’s health will permit, at the additional costs listed above. I have no questions or concerns at this time that have not been answered by Pets R Us Animal Hospital and its staff.
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